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Brazil Ecojourneys

Brazil Ecojourneys

Brazil Ecojourneys is an Anglo-Brazilian-owned Incoming Tour Operator, based in Florianopolis.

As a company we are committed to sustainable tourism, not only because it is a growing – and fashionable- trend in international tourism but simply because we love this part of the world and we want it to remain as beautiful as it is for generations to come. We were one of the original participants of the Brazilian Sustainable Tourism Program (PCTS) and continue this commitment by forming partnerships with like-minded people that also see responsible tourism as the only option for sustainable development of our local communities. We use small, often family-run hotels, whenever possible, which we are continuously encouraging to certify as sustainable lodgings; we check that all our adventure outfitters are not only safe, but respectful of the environment. We use local guides and drivers, even if means that we have to hire bilingual guides as well to relate to our clients. We support and promote local community-based and volunteer tourism in conservation projects.

Although we are a LGBT-owned company, we cater for all, but we make sure all our services and accomodations are LGBT-friendly.

Having travelled throughout the world ourselves, we always look at hotels and services from the perspective of the independent traveller. The reviews and information you will find here are our personal view: we visited and experienced all the trips and hotels we sell.




Marta Dalla Chiesa

Marta is the co-owner of Brazil Ecojourneys and the current Managing Director. She was born in the mountain region of Rio Grande do Sul,  in South Brazil. With a science background, she moved to London in the 90’s to pursue her PhD studies and, with the many travelling opportunities that were presented she found a passion for travel. She travelled so often that her parents thought she was studying tourism instead of biochemistry! After many years in research labs, her travel addiction, and a desperate need for fresh air and the Outdoors, led her into the travel industry. While working in a renowned Latin American specialist opeator in London, she realised that even the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants in the business knew almost nothing about South Brazil as a travel destination. She then decided to move back to Brazil with her partner to put South Brazil on the map and to realise her lifelong dream of living in Floripa.


lesley-website-2016Lesley Cushing

Lesley is the co-owner of Brazil Ecojourneys and currently the Operational Manager. She was born in London and was interested in other cultures from an early age. She lived in Australia and Israel, before moving to Brazil. In London she owned a business in Carpentry and Joinery and Antique Restoration. After 15 years of holidays in Brazil, she was finally converted and using her entrepreneurial skills, she co-founded the company. Her favourite part of the job is travelling around South Brazil, researching and developing new products.