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Santa Catarina: Florianopolis & Surroundings

Santa Catarina: Florianopolis & Surroundings

The charming capital of Santa Catarina State is a secret that Brazilians kept for themselves for a very long time.

map floripa region
Florianopolis region
The Island of Santa Catarina, the insular portion of the city, is famous for surfing and its 42 beaches, but it is also a centre for all nautical sports and outdoor activities. The Azoreans settlers left a unique cultural legacy that is best experienced on its small fishing villages.

Carnival is one of the most famous in Brazil, being the favourite destination for gay & lesbian travelers that want to enjoy this festival in a friendly atmosphere.

The Great Florianopolis region also includes the rafting area of Santo Amaro, the hot springs of Caldas da Imperatriz and the Encostas da Serra region, where home stays with organic farmers give a perfect opportunity to get to know rural Brazil.

From Florianopolis you can easily access by road all the major attractions in Santa Catarina, such as the Serra Geral mountains, the Emerald Coast and Praia do Rosa, one of the best places in South America for whale watching. Direct flights to all the major cities in Brazil as well as Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, make it also a good starting point for any trip to Brazil.