Brazil Ecojourneys

Day Treks in Florianopolis

From coastal paths to pristine nature reserves, you will have a perfect day in the outdoors.


Day Treks in Florianopolis

1 day

Unspoiled beaches:

Lagoinha do Leste- possibly the most beautiful beach in Florianopolis, only accessible by trail (about 1 ½ hours of steep walk each away) or boat. Great views on the way.

Naufragados- another beach only accessible by foot or boat. Moderate walk of around 4km each way through a nature reserve. Visit to a lighthouse and beautiful views of the south coast at the end.


Costa da Lagoa– an isolated fishing community accessible by trail or boat. The trail is 7 km long and the return can be done by boat. Quaint and very affordable seafood restaurants at the end to try the local food.

Lagoa do Peri & Sertão do Peri – a longer coast-to-coast walk (3 to 4 hours) passing through a lagoon, small rivers and waterfalls and remains of sugar cane mills. Panoramic views of the Serra do Tabuleiro and East Coast of the Island at the beginning and end.

Duration: 5 – 7 hours, depending on the trek
Level of Difficulty: Beginners to Intermediate, depending on the trek

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